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Multimedia Production
Multimedia Production:
Job Description:
Multimedia specialists are designers who combine design and technical knowledge to create information and communication technology (ICT) based products, such as: CD ROMs, DVDs etc.
Typical outputs include:
Entertainment products: such as computer games, education and training materials, advertising and marketing materials, catalogue databases and public information resources. When the design is complete, multimedia specialists use authoring software to arrange the files in a single program (to enable interactivity and navigation through the product content). They also test and adjust the product to deal with technical problems, and produce documentation describing the creation, content and processes of each file.

The topics covered:

Duration: 50 Hrs. 
Character Animation:
Job Description:
An animator produces multiple images called frames. When sequenced together rapidly, these frames create an illusion of movement known as animation.
Animators tend to work in 2D animation, 3D model making animation, or computer-generated animation. The last features strongly in motion pictures (to create special effects, or an animated film in its own right), as well as in aspects of television work, the internet and the computer games industry.
The basic skill of animation still relies heavily on the animator's artistic ability, but there is a growing need for animators to be familiar with technical computer packages.

The topics covered:
  • MAYA
Duration: 120 Hrs.  
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